Business Structuring

Structures & Restructures

Our team at Blacksalt Advisory has administrated more than 500 structures and restructures.

Tax Efficiency

Tax Efficiency

We've saved clients more than $10m through our strategic tax efficient structuring.

Asset Protection

Asset Protection

More than 100 highly effective asset protection strategies established for Australians.

Tax efficient business structuring

Get tax advice and personalised service, for companies, individuals, trusts and Self Managed Super Funds. Our team of specialist accountants and tax agents show you how to reduce your tax liability and structure your finances to make your money work harder.

Strategic business restructuring

Regardless of the size of your business, there may come a time when a change is essential. Whether you’re looking to expand or downsize, it’s important to consider when it might be appropriate to restructure your business and what the practical or tax implications could be.

There are a multitude of reasons why a business may find itself facing financial challenges and requiring significant change. These include but are not limited to:

  • Large scale changes in management
  • Relocating your business
  • Expansion to meet increased demand and an improving market share
  • In a position where raising funding is essential
  • Downsizing in line with the economic climate, market changes or falling demand
  • Preparing for an exit
  • Changes in ownership

Asset protection strategies

Blacksalt Advisory specialises in asset protection strategies for business and personal assets. Trusts when strategically utilised can place your assets beyond a creditor’s reach, whether a claim comes from an accident on your property or even bankruptcy. A trust can even spare your beneficiaries from future lawsuits and family breakdowns.

Whatever your situation, our executive team is committed to understanding your situation and strategically safeguarding your assets.

Decades of strategic structuring experience

Our Business Restructuring executive team has extensive experience advising on corporate restructures in the Australian market. In corroboration with our wider divisions allows us to integrate expertise from our tax and financial services team where needed.

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