SMSF Experts

SMSF experts

We’ve established over 500 funds around Australia

Save on fees

Save on fees

Retail funds charge ~1.2% p.a, take control of your super

Investment Options

Broad investment options

Borrow to purchase property, or invest in digital assets, the sky’s the limit

SMSF specialists

Blacksalt Advisory specialise in establishing and administering Self Managed Super Funds. We’ve established over 500 funds for clients around Australia, providing SMSF advisory services to grow their wealth year on year.

Benefits of a SMSF

Superannuation should never be ‘set and forget’. Far more than ‘forced savings’, your super is a powerful asset right now. Choose to invest smarter, to unlock future growth potential.

By taking control of your investing power, you choose where to invest today, to fund your lifestyle tomorrow.

SMSFs offer greater flexibility and diversity in investment options. So you can invest your money in the areas you are passionate about, whether that’s Shares, Cryptocurrencies, Property; the choice is yours.

Stop paying supersized fees

If your super is currently invested with a retail superannuation fund, you could be losing more than $1,200 every year in fees. Sick of gifting your salary to your super fund? Consider an SMSF.

Retail superannuation funds charge an average of 1.2% of your super balance in fees each year. If your superannuation was worth $100,000, you’d be losing more than $1,200 every year for the privilege of investing with your big-name fund. Plus hidden fees such as performance fees, management fees, switching fees and more.

Shouldn’t super be about saving money rather than spending it? By switching to an SMSF, you keep more of your money to invest.

How to set up a SMSF?

Our expert advisors can have you up and running in 30 days. It’s not difficult to switch.

  1. Contact us to discuss your superannuation needs.
  2. Your dedicated Account Manager will guide you through every step of the process and help you administer your fund.
  3. We’ll help you complete the required paperwork to establish your fund and switch from your existing superannuation fund(s).
  4. Blacksalt Advisory takes care of your monthly bookkeeping, year-end reporting and compliance obligations.

What are the risks of an SMSF?

There are strict laws and regulations that govern SMSFs. As a trustee of your own super fund you’re held responsible for your investments and complying with superannuation and taxation laws. Make sure you’re aware of the risks to consider before setting up an SMSF.

We recommend chatting with our SMSF specialists to determine if a Self Managed Super Fund is right for you.

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